Executive Board

Below is the 2015-2016 MSOE SAE executive board


Individual pictures with officer positions and brief biographies are below.


President: Lauren Goulet

I am a junior mechanical student. My interests in engineering comes from my passion for NASCAR racing. This is my second year on the MSOE SAE officer team and my first year as the chapter president. I have been involved in the MSOE SuperMileage team for two years and enjoy working on the design and fabrication of the chassis, steering, and braking systems. I would like to apply the knowledge that I have acquired from the classroom as well as the SuperMileage project to working on a professional NASCAR team one day.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: gouletl@msoe.edu


Vice President: Karl Hundt

I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student attending MSOE. I have always been interested in mechanical things, and I saw this school as a great way to learn more about the designs and principles governing these devices. I aspire to design and test farm equipment, the machines that feed the world, from my work and love for farm equipment that has grown over years of working with them. I saw SAE as well as the SuperMileage Team as a great opportunity to be part of a design/build group and have enjoyed int greatly. Last year, I served as the MSOE SAE chapter President and am grateful to serve as this year’s Vice President.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: hundtk@msoe.edu


Secretary: John Miller

I am a sophomore mechanical engineering student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. This is my first year as Secretary for the MSOE SAE chapter and second year as a memeber of SAE. Additionally, I am the Sponsorship Coordinator for the SuperMileage Vehicle design team. My desire to pursue mechanical engineering stemmed from my interest in both the mobility and automotive industries. SAE has given me the opportunity to gain exposure in both fields while also providing outlets to apply academic knowledge to real world applications. I hope to apply the skill and knowledge gained through my involvement in SAE to my future career as a mechanical engineer.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: millerjg@msoe.edu


Program Coordinator: Brandon VanderHeyden

I am a junior mechanical engineering student here at MSOE. My interest in engineering came from a SuperMileage competition that I went to with my father when I was in 5th grade. I saw the amazing vehicles that students were able to design and build and I wanted to be a part of that. I have been involved with supermileage vehicles for four years now, one in high school and three here at MSOE. During my first year on the team here I was a part of the engine team and worked mainly on the fuel delivery system, this year is my second year as project manager. I hope to apply the knowledge and leadership skills I learn being a part of this team in the automotive industry.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: vanderheydenb@msoe.edu


Treasurer: Spencer Rich

I am currently a junior mechanical engineering student and hold the position of Treasurer on the MSOE SAE officer team.  I also serve the SAE SuperMileage Team as the Engine Team Leader and Treasurer. I have been a part of both SAE and the SAE SuperMileage Team since I was a freshman. I have always had an interest in automotive engineering, and felt that being involved in SAE was a great outlet for introducing myself to the industry. One day I hope to make contributions to vehicle efficiency for a major auto manufacturer.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: richs@msoe.edu


Sponsorship Coordinator: Ben Mueller

I was initially drawn to MSOE’s SAE student chapter by the opportunity to design, build, and race a hybrid, open-wheel race car in the SAE Formula Hybrid competition. Over the past three years, SAE involvement has helped me develop valuable engineering, networking, presentation, and project management skills. As sponsorship coordinator of MSOE SAE, I have the unique opportunity to work with businesses across the country in order to extend these benefits to fellow students in accordance to our motto: “MSOE SAE: Advancing mobility. Empowering students.” When I’m not working with SAE or doing homework, I enjoy playing guitar and soccer, and of course, driving!

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: muellerb@msoe.edu


Senior Design Liason: Anthony Reh

I am a senior mechanical engineering student and serve as the Design Team Liaison for the chapter this year. I have been a member of our SAE chapter since my freshman year and have been involved with MSOE SAE’s Formula Hybrid team for the past three years, and currently serve as power train lead for this year’s vehicle. My responsibilities to the chapter are to communicate between all the design teams, inform them of any upcoming meetings or presentations, and keep track of the teams progress. I also assist the sponsorship coordinator and webmaster by updating them with design team progress.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: reha@msoe.edu


Webmaster: Adrian Robillard

Hello all! I am this year’s webmaster. This will be my third and final year as a member of the officer team; I began as treasurer my sophomore year, became vice president during my junior year, and have ended here as webmaster. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by MSOE’s SAE chapter, both as a member of SAE as well as a member of the SuperMileage design project on which I participated for three years. I’m looking forward to another successful year for MSOE SAE as well as improving our chapter’s media relations.

 If you’d like to contact me, my email address is: robillarda@msoe.edu


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Damm

Dr. Christopher Damm is a professor and Director of the Mechanical Engineering Program at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he teaches courses in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, engineering design, renewable energy and advanced energy technologies. Dr. Damm’s research and consulting focuses on energy conversion and pollutants associated with energy conversion. Current research topics of interest include solar photovoltaics, solar thermal energy systems, combined heat, electric microgrids, power systems for advanced commercial buildings, emission factors from on-road motor vehicles, the development of laser diagnostic techniques for characterizing reacting flows, and the design and implementation of advanced energy technologies. His degrees in Mechanical Engineering are from the University of Minnesota (B.S. and M.S) and the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.) He holds a second masters degree in Physics from Brown University. Dr. Damm has been the faculty advisor for the MSOE SAE student chapter since 2004 and the faculty advisor for the SuperMileage project since 2008. You can learn more about his research and teaching by visiting his website at: https://faculty-web.msoe.edu/damm/

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