Executive Board

Below is the 2016-2017 MSOE SAE executive board.

Individual pictures with officer positions and background are below.

Position Chairperson
Name Lauren Goulet
Year in School Senior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE My interest in engineering comes from my passion for NASCAR racing. This is my third year as a member of the MSOE SAE Officer Team. I saw SAE, as well as the Supermileage and Baja teams, as an opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained from the classroom to a design team project.
SAE CDS Involvement Supermileage Vehicle Team for 3 years; SAE Baja team for 1 year
Contact E-Mail gouletl@msoe.edu
Position Vice Chair
Name Brandon VanderHeyden
Year in School Senior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE Since I decided to pursue mechanical engineering in 5th grade, my goal has been to work in the automotive industry. I came to MSOE in order to be involved with the SuperMileage vehicle team, and becoming a member of MSOE SAE naturally followed.
SAE CDS Involvement SAE SuperMileage during freshman through junior year, and SAE Baja for my senior design project
Contact E-Mail vanderheydenb@msoe.edu
Position Program Coordinator
Name Daniel Fricke
Year in School Senior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE I’ve been working on vehicles ever since buying a motorcycle off of Craigslist, which broke down on the ride home, barely 30 minutes after buying it. SAE design teams have helped me connect those hands-on experiences with the science and math learned in my classes.
SAE CDS Involvement 2 years on the SAE Supermileage engine/drivetrain team
Senior design on the SAE Baja suspension
Contact E-Mail fricked@msoe.edu
Position Treasurer
Name Spencer Rich
Year in School Senior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE I have always had an interest in automotive engineering, and felt that being involved in SAE was a great outlet for introducing myself to the industry. One day I hope to make contributions to vehicle efficiency for a major auto manufacturer.
SAE CDS Involvement SAE Supermileage Engine Team Lead – Freshman through Junior year. SAE Treasurer – Junior year to present.
Contact E-Mail richs@msoe.edu
Position Secretary
Name Lucas Bednarski
Year in School Junior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE I joined MSOE SAE because I wanted to gain as much direct exposure to the automotive field as I possibly could, as soon as I possibly could. I enjoy being able to connect with professionals in the field, and have enjoyed the employment opportunities I’ve received from some of them as well. I’ve met a few of my best friends through MSOE SAE, and I can’t wait to see how our collaborative creations compare to the competition at the racetrack.
SAE CDS Involvement SAE Formula Hybrid since Freshman year, current Chassis Lead
Contact E-Mail bednarskil@msoe.edu
Position Sponsorship Coordinator
Name Bailey Walsh
Year in School Junior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE I joined MSOE SAE because I have always had an interest in the automotive industry, but haven’t had hands on opportunities to further my interest. Through Formula Hybrid I have been able to not only have the hands on opportunities, but I have also been able to grow my interest in the automotive industry into a passion for the automotive industry.
SAE CDS Involvement I have been on SAE Formula Hybrid since freshman year, and this year I am the Side Pods Design Lead.
Contact E-Mail walshb@msoe.edu
Position Design Team Liaison
Name Britt Campbell
Year in School Junior
Major Mechanical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE Before beginning college I was a wheel to wheel driver in the Spec Miata class. After having to make tuition payments I was unable to continue racing, but I turned this passion into working of the Formula Hybrid Team for 2 years and taking every opportunity I get to learn the technical side of racing. SAE gave me the opportunity to combine my hobby and career.
SAE CDS Involvement SAE Formula Hybrid my freshmen as a member, and my sophomore year as Assistant Project Manager. This year I’m getting involved in setting a foundation for a future Baja team.
Contact E-Mail campbellb@msoe.edu
Position Webmaster
Name Austin Bartz
Year in School Senior
Major Electrical Engineering
Why MSOE SAE I’ve always been interested in the automotive world and have wrenched on cars for as long as I can remember. After joining MSOE and the Formula Hybrid team, I knew that becoming a member of the MSOE SAE chapter just had to happen, as it would be instrumental in my future as an Engineer.
SAE CDS Involvement SAE Formula Hybrid since Freshman year as the Electrical Team Lead
Contact E-Mail bartza@msoe.edu
Position Faculty Advisor
Name Dr. Christopher Damm
About Dr. Christopher Damm is a professor and Director of the Mechanical Engineering Program at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he teaches courses in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, engineering design, renewable energy and advanced energy technologies. Dr. Damm’s research and consulting focuses on energy conversion and pollutants associated with energy conversion. Current research topics of interest include solar photovoltaics, solar thermal energy systems, combined heat, electric microgrids, power systems for advanced commercial buildings, emission factors from on-road motor vehicles, the development of laser diagnostic techniques for characterizing reacting flows, and the design and implementation of advanced energy technologies. His degrees in Mechanical Engineering are from the University of Minnesota (B.S. and M.S) and the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.) He holds a second masters degree in Physics from Brown University. Dr. Damm has been the faculty advisor for the MSOE SAE student chapter since 2004 and the faculty advisor for the SuperMileage project since 2008. You can learn more about his research and teaching by visiting his website at: https://faculty-web.msoe.edu/damm/